Frequently Asked Questions

Unmatched Comfort, Convenience and Protection

Tune Belt is the original and passionate creator of neoprene carriers for portable electronic devices. Tune Belt doesn't just make holders – it offers innovative carrier solutions that provide unmatched comfort, convenience and protection.

How can I buy Tune Belt products?

Use our store locator to find a store closest to you.

I am a dealer. Does Tune Belt have wholesale pricing?

Yes. Please call or email DMP to speak to a representative for products of interest and to request literature and pricing information or request by e-mail

What's neoprene?

Neoprene is the same material used to make wet suits. It is lightweight, comfortable and stretches so it hugs your body when the belt is strapped around your waist.

How big an arm/waist size does Tune Belt fit?

The Adjustable armband fits 9" – 17" and an Armband Extender is available for larger arm sizes.

Tune Belt does not specify a maximun waist size because the belt stretches and so the issue is one of comfort. In general, Tune Belt will fit up to a size 40-42 when the belt is adjusted for the maximum waist size. To fit larger waist sizes extenders are available. Extenders lengthen the waist size by approximately 12 inches.

What is an Extender?

An extender enables Tune Belts to fit larger arms/waists. In general, the armband fits from 9”-17”. The EX3 is the extender used for the armband.

Tune Belts fit waist sizes up to 40-42". An extender is needed for larger waist sizes. The extender is a piece of neoprene the same width as the belt. It uses the same male and female buckle system as the Tune Belt and, when fastened in, adds approximately 12" to the maximum waist size.

How long will my Tune Belt last?

The life of Tune Belt armband/belt can vary greatly depending on how it is used, how often it is used, how often the size is adjusted, whether the size is properly adjusted (never try to pull the neoprene through the buckle after the belt is on but hand-feed it through the buckle system before the belt is put on), how tightly the armband/belt is worn, how much perspiration gets on the armband/ belt (salt will break down he neoprene by drying it out over time), where the armband/belt is stored when not in use (sunlight also causes neoprene to dry out and deteriorate), whether the armband/belt is washed - Tune Belt can last anywhere from one to seven years.

What is Tune Belt's warranty policy?

Tune Belt is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship up to one year. This policy is not intended to warrant against problems that may occur from heavy use or improper use. An original purchase receipt or other proof of purchase is required to document the date of purchase and the start of coverage.

What colors does Tune Belt come in?

All Tune Belts come in black.