Privacy & Security

Statement on Online Security

All transactions made on the DMP websit are made over our secure server. In this secure mode, your computer and our server establish a link and begin communication, sending and receiving data in an encrypted format. Browser software encryptions are exceptionally powerful and the security of this data as it is transmitted to our server is ensured. In a secure mode, a browser will display a URL address beginning " https://" rather than the standard " http://" . The " s" standing for " secure."

  • Netscape Navigator (versions 3.0 and earlier): the key symbol in the lower left corner of the browser window will become a solid key in secure mode, and a broken key in standard mode.
  • Netscape Communicator 4.0TM or higher: the padlock symbol in the lower left corner of the browser will be closed in secure mode, and open in standard mode.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: in secure mode a padlock symbol will be visible at the bottom of the browser window.

Statement on Online Privacy

The privacy of all our offline and online customers is extremely important to us. Therefore no personal information is sold, traded or given to any other company or party outside of DMP. Any information recieved by DMP is used to help create a better service and understanding of customer needs and requirements.